Mid Range Tyres

Each driver prefers a slightly different driving style, which often results in the need for slightly different car tyres. For many drivers, mid-range class tyres are an excellent choice but, even then, there is plenty of variation between the various models.

Here, we will look at how mid-range tyres are categorized, as well as some of the most popular models. This will help inform you about mid-range tyres and whether or not they are of use to you

What are mid-range tyres?
For those who don’t know, tyres can be distinguished into three broad classes:

  • Budget tyres, which offers budget solutions & are very cheap
  • Mid-Range tyres, which offer a compromise between budget and premium tyres.
  • Premium tyres.

Tyres of each different class with vary from one another in several key areas. The most noteworthy factors, however, are the price and performance level. The latter looks at the tyre’s practical applications, such as grip, rolling resistance and tyre noise level.

Additionally, it can also signify the quality of material used during the tyre construction, resulting in the overall durability and strength of the finished tyre. This will further impact and determine the resistance to mechanical damage of the tyre. A tyre made from more durable materials, for example, will be more resistance to damage from kerbs and potholes.

Who should use Mid-Range tyres?
When determining which class of tyres are best for you, it helps to ask yourself some important questions. Consider the following:

  • Where do you usually drive? Inside or outside the city, or even a combination of the two?
  • How powerful is your car? Does it have high performance values or is it an efficient model?
  • What is your driving style? Do you drive calmly, or do you have a style that is more dynamic and aggressive?

In short, mid-range tyres are designed to offer compromise between budget and premium tyres. While they do not have the high durability of the latter, which makes premium options essential for powerful vehicles driving at high speeds, they have many additional qualities that economic or budget tyres lack. These products can be considered useful for:

  • Vehicles of any class, whether it’s small-bore engines, medium class cars or top class, luxury vehicles.
  • Driving both inside and outside the city, so long as the driving style is moderate.
  • Overall, these car tyres prove very popular among customers, making them a very important tyre segment for manufacturers. This is because they are not as expensive as premium products, allowing drivers to obtain good quality solutions at a relatively low price.

It is important, however, to ensure these tyres are right for you. If your driving style is dynamic, then you need premium tyres, as these can cope with the higher speeds and extra wear placed on them. For more moderate drivers, however, mid-range tyres are ideal.

Many of the biggest and most popular tyre producers have a strong, active interest in producing mid-range tyres. This includes brands such as:

The majority of these come from China, yet offer a low price and a relatively high resistance to wear. At this budget category, they are not that much different than their European counterparts.

Many Asian brands are often mistaken to be Chinese brands, but not all such companies operate in China. Similarly, brands such as Zeetex tyres and Infinity actually come from the United Arab Emirates, yet are also mistaken as Chinese in origin.

Yet companies such as these, as well as the entrepreneurs behind them, heavily invest in the ongoing development of the automotive industry. Their products are manufactured on the basis of licenses, originally purchased from western companies and using their latest technology. Because of this, it simply cannot be said that Chinese tyre products are worse than European budget brands.