Premium Tyres

On the end of the tyre spectrum, you’ll find premium tyres. These tyres are designed to provide you with a smooth and steady driving experience – with a price tag to match. If you’re looking for tyres to support a powerful engine or to facilitate a more aggressive driving style, then these are the tyres you’ll want to work with. Premium tyres are an investment.

Premium tyres undergo rigorous research and development. After they’ve been produced, manufacturers will double and triple test them to ensure that they’ll allow cars of all makes to remain safe while on the road. You’ll frequently find unique tread patterns on premium tyres, for example, as manufacturers will have taken the opportunity to experiment with their options.

Premium tyres are far from cheap. They are quite expensive. You’re going to need to break out the pocketbook for a set of higher-end tyres made by the industry’s manufacturers.

That said, you will get a lot of benefit for the cost of premium tyres. Drivers who enjoy long drives, off-roading, or the safety that comes with unique tread will often overlook a hefty price tag in favour of a premium tyre’s benefits.

Some of the best premium tyres on the market come from manufacturers like: