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Budget Tyres

For many drivers, the cost of a tyre is always considered when purchasing new tyres. As such, budget tyres are often the go-to option. Budget tyres can be a cost-effective solution when looking for good performance at low prices. At Tyre45, we stock products from different budget tyre brands and manufacturers

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Mid Range Tyres

Mid-Range tyre brands allow for the perfect balance between price and technology. Many mid-range tyres are produced by premium manufacturers. Because of this, you can be confident of a high-quality tyre that has undergone extensive, market-leading research and development. Due to the extended life and increased performance from mid-range tyre brands, you can be assured of value for money. Below are the Mid-range tyre brands available on Tyre45.

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Premium Tyres

Premium tyres are of the highest quality but they also cost more than economy tyres or mid-range tyres because they are built to last for a very long period of time & can take years before they are replaced. Premium tyres offer a more efficient drive, reduces fuel consumption which saves fuel costs whilst reducing general car maintenance issues. Premium car tyres provide better value for money as they last longer and wear at a slower rate. Below are the Premium tyre brands available on Tyre45.

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